HP Deskjet 1220cse Printer

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DeskJet 1220Cse Printer Driver (Single File Download)

Type: Driver

Version: 1.2

Operating systems: Windows 2000

Release date: 2000-05-17

File name:

dj745nten.exe (6.9 MB)

Description: The HP DeskJet 1220Cse printer driver, version 1.2 supports Win95, Win98, NT4.0 and Win2000 Pro. This driver has localized strings for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japan. Installation Instructions: single Self-Extracting File 1. Download the file to a newly created sub-directory in your local hard drive. 2. Double click the single file (.exe) to perform self-extraction and it will launch SETUP.EXE automatically. 3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.


Mac Printer Driver

Type: Driver

Version: 5.1

Operating systems: macOS 10.15

Release date: 2019-10-09

File name:

Description: The full software solution includes everything you need to install for your HP printer.